TASTE – Rock is Dead – CD Album


This classic comeback album of legendary rock band TASTE is a must have.  Bridging the chords and riffs of the late 70s with a contemporary sound and subject, Rock is Dead is a timeless classic that will empower anyone who listens to it to celebrate the true sound of rock’n’roll.

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From the mystery of SANCTUARY lyrically, to the common dilemma of the underdog in KYLE, “ROCK IS DEAD” is a milestone CD that leads you on a musical journey from the first introduction of HELLO (Can you hear me) to the politically incorrect DON’T WANNA BE LIKE YOU.

Sickened by what seems to be a lack of real rock direction in music, Murdoch’s lyrics explore and destroy the media frenzied world that seems to accept its stars by the amount of exposure offered to them rather than the virtue of their talent.

“ROCK IS DEAD” scores a direct hit on TV’s latest music obsession, posing a serious question to an industry now dominated by singers voted in by telephone. Bridging the power-chords and riffs of the late 70s with today’s sound, “ROCK IS DEAD” is a timeless classic that will empower anyone who listens to it for it opens a passage between the passion and inspiration of the 70’s and today’s dynamic and meaningful sound.  (Sean O’Kelly for Australian University News)


1. Hello, Can You Hear Me  04:54

2. Sanctuary. 04:24

3. Rock is Dead. 04:39

4. Kye  04:45

5. I Don’t Wanna Be Like You  04:34

6. Breathe. 0409

7. Elizabeth Makes Me Smile  04:35

8. Same Old Story  02:56

9.  Crazy Motherfuckeer. 04:01

10. All The Good Things  05:29

Released December 1, 2007

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