TASTE release epic new album LIFE ON EARTH

Taste_Life On Earth_Cover.jpg

"The explosive vocals, stark guitar harmonies and head-banging solos are all informed by the band's combined experience in the hard rock and jazz worlds." (Music Injection, 6/4/16)

On iTunes May 27.       CD available from the GoSet Music Store June 17.

A clock ticks. A car alarm splits the night. A distant belltower tolls as a gun is ominously cocked in your ear. The curtain rises in a grand cinematic flourish of muscular, orchestrated rock. Drums roll and crash as the synth riff soars and the first exhilarating guitar solo tears a hole in the sky. Who makes records like this anymore?  The story of TASTE is a legend from the lost back pages of Australian rock'n'roll: the meteoric rise and fall of a mid '70s glam-rock quartet with a fiery reputation among such lofty peers as AC/DC, Queen, Suzi Quatro and the Sweet. But history can wait.  Fast forward 40 years and LIFE ON EARTH is a document of rare craft and experience from a band split by circumstance all those years ago, now reunited with newfound passion ...More