STREET WARRIORS – Unstoppable Force (Album)



  1. Firestorm   Dur: 3:38
  2. Solid Rock – Street Warriors feat. Shannon Noll     Dur: 3:24
  3. Summertime     Dur: 4:02
  4. How Much You Mean to Me       Dur: 4:08
  5. I Rep for My Mob       Dur: 3:32
  6. Leave it to Me   Dur: 3:50
  7. Get it Started     Dur: 3:26
  8. Moving Up         Dur: 3:40
  9. My Life With You         Dur; 3:08
  10. On the Edge      Dur: 3:45
  11. Burning it Up      Dur: 3:42
  12. Crocodile Dance       Dur: 1:00
  13. Blackfellas                  Dur:   4:08

Photography by David Anderson
Exclusively licenced worldwide to GoSet Music Pty Ltd



“With their electric live energy, the Street Warriors tout original lyrics that empower and foster respect, social conscience and plant seeds of hope and change. They are great ambassadors and mentors for future generations.” (Di Mills, Woodford and Dreaming Festival organiser)
Street Warriors (brothers Abie and Warrick Wright – aka Predator and Wok) are well respected pioneers of Indigenous hip hop who have built a loyal following around Australia on the back of their energy filled live shows, poignant lyrics and their positive lifestyle messages culminating in award winning nominations and performances, including 2014 Band of the Year at the last Deadly Awards. The Street Warriors have rocked local and international crowds in excess of 10,000 including numerous major festivals, tours and regular NAIDOC dates and support to major artists such as 50 Cent, G Unit and Naughty by Nature. However it is their work with community that reveals their heart, pioneering hip hop youth workshops around the country for over ten years, reconnecting youth with culture, fostering positivity and empowering change by
building self-esteem. With this in mind, the brothers have set up a new entity, Black Money Entertainment to foster and support emerging Indigenous talent. Their debut album ‘Unstoppable Force’ features the reworking of the classic Goanna hit, Solid Rock ft. Shannon Noll, where the boys combine classic Aussie rock with their Deadly hip hop. Leading music writer Kathy McCabe called it ‘An anthem for our times’. Teaming up with the legendary Treach from Naughty by Nature they recently recorded their single Champions ft. Treach . They are currently writing and recording their next album. The Street Warriors were the first indigenous hip hop ambassadors for APRA and ambassadors for the IEPP, the Indigenous arm of the Australian Electoral Commission’s program which seeks to foster future leaders from aboriginal communities. The Wright Brothers are proud to be part of the Wonnaruah, Gomiliroi, Anaiwan and Djungutti mobs.

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