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Goset Music was the first to release a female Australian artist on USB format with Robyn Loau’s album Malaria: The Lost Album contained within a wearable black USB wristband.  By plugging in the Robyn Loau pre-loaded USB to a computer or car, the user gets Malaria: The Lost Album in mp3 format, a new Josh G Abrahams remix of “Sick With Love”, a interview, bonus music videos and 2 short documentaries.

The USB wristband is displayed in an A5 clear plastic clamshell that clips together and can easily be prised apart. The A5 card featuring liner notes and artwork (as per the pictures here) can be removed whole for the consumer to keep along with the branded USB wristband,
which can be worn. The USB wristband provides a viable physical alternative to the CD. It combines both merchandise and digital music in an attractive physical package. It is wearable and re-usable for storage purposes making it highly
functional for contemporary needs.

After a great deal of press coverage, Loau’s major label debut Malaria (featuring cult classic Sick With Love) was ‘lost’ during a record company merger and was resurrected by independent label GoSet Music for release on iTunes, USB and CD
during July 2008.  International innovation group All Access Today who is leading the charge on creating some of the newest and coolest digital media concepts the 21st century has to offer chose Robyn to launch their product in the Southern Hemisphere after trialing their LiveFlash USB during Matchbox 20’s recent Australian tour. Robyn is the first Australian artist added to their client roster that includes Rolling Stones, Matchbox 20, Ringo Star, George Michael and many more. Robyn first came to attention as lead singer of Australian all-girl pop phenomenon Girlfriend. Robyn was the face and voice of international world music project Siva Pacifica and has released music through major labels across Europe, Australia and Asia with sales exceeding 500,000 units. The single, Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime was  featured as the theme to the cinema, TV and radio advertising for Channel 10’s the Biggest Loser.

Robyn released her sophomore album, Only Human in 2009. Only Human is also available on iTunes and the GoSet Store.

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